OxiLeafTM “requires” NO Filters

WHAT IS OxiLeaf™?

OxiLeaf, the powerful filterless air purifier with oxi-technology that fights and eliminates unwanted odors. There are plenty of ways to mask or cover an odor but why mask it when you can oxidize it!There is only one way to naturally and effectively remove an odor while simultaneously creating pure, oxygen enriched air to indoor spaces and that is exactly what our innovative line of OxiLeaf products were designed to do. Air that contains activated oxygen will naturally oxidize even the most powerful odors and create a fresh and natural smell, just like after a thunderstorm.

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OxiLeaf works with proven Oxi-Technology on demand (no fillers or filters needed) to rapidly oxidize the worst odors, freshen, energize and purify the air you breath. OxiLeaf™ even oxidizes germs from contaminated surfaces we touch. There are plenty of ways to cover an odor, but why mask it with chemical perfumes when you can oxidize it? There is only one way to naturally and effectively remove odors while simultaneously creating pure, oxygen enriched air for indoor spaces which is exactly what the OxiLeaf™ is designed to do.

OxiLeaf Benefits

OxiLeaf is a healthy and natural alternative to chemical filled sprays and air fresheners allowing you to appreciate what clean and clear air really smells like and the healthy, life changing benefits it provides. With no chemicals to add, no additional refills to purchase, and no filters to replace, you can breathe easy knowing OxiLeaf is safe, simple to use, and virtually maintenance free.

Safe and simple

We pride ourselves in the multitude of OxiLeaf’s features.

  • Removes unwanted odors
  • Restores oxygen back into the airPortable and compact
  • Adjustable control knob
  • Quiet operation
  • Plugs directly into 110v outlet

Low Maintenance

Our OxiLeaf products are virtually maintenance free!

  • Depending on the usage, the air inlet and outlet should be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner attachment on the lowest setting. This will help remove internal and external debris, or contamination. Periodically wipe down unit with a damp cloth. Do not spray cleaning product directly on the unit. Always remember to unplug unit before cleaning. A unit that is damaged from moisture or cleaning products will not be covered under the warranty.


OxiLeaf air purifiers are under warranty for 90 days upon receipt to perform as specified.

  • Any physical abuse or damage to the unit will not be covered under this warranty. This includes but is not limited to damage from water and damage from lightning or power surges.

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