Enertia Homes

Enertia® Homes use an ingenious design, and the science of materials, to heat and cool buildings without fuel or electricity. Fitted with Photovoltaic panels, and a metal seamed roof, Enertia homes can be self-reliant for heating, cooling, electricity, water and food. This is a modern Building System, an integrated group of innovations and a construction technique so basic, yet amazing and effective, it has been called a Modern Marvel.

Legecy by EdenHOMES

Legacy is a 6000 square foot self-sufficient, safe, secure Luxury homestead. The main level is 2737 square feet plus a 140 square foot connector providing access to the basement. The upper level is an additional 1130 square feet, and the basement is an additional 2724 square feet with a reinforced concrete Safe Room. The three car garage is 720 square feet.

The upper level loft part of the expansive Master Bedroom Suite, can be finished as a separate bedroom accessible from upstairs.

Included options are:

  1. Three Car garage with south facing roof for solar panels.
  2. Connector with kitchen entrance and basement entrance from the garage.
  3. Doubled East and West inner-shell end walls for extra strength, energy-efficiency, ah thermal mass. Doubled end walls make this house package suitable for climates up to Hudson Bay, Canada and make for easy air conditioning with natural ventilation in hot climates.
  4. Three South-facing towers for extra energy gain, and light.

These are not conventional “stick-frame” single-generation houses. The walls are solid wood, and the design life is hundreds of years. Comfort is by design and from a unique structural material, not from a mechanical/ electric compressor or furnace. The roof can generate electricity and capture water. The sunspace harvests energy, and in it you can harvest food.

Most have a built-in “biosphere,” modeled after planet Earths’ that draws energy from the sun, and geothermal stability from the ground, creating a temperate climate that buffers the primary living space. Your personal Greenhouse Effect warms your house in winter. Naturally-induced air currents cool it in summer.

All our homes are built from a new Basic Component: gluelam wall elements pre-cut and numbered in a factory, assembled on-site with an electric drill. They are 100% renewable, have unprecedented strength and solidity, yet allow the house to breathe. Thermal energy is stored in the walls, not the air. Construction is fast and economical.