Green Builder

The Green Builder is special. Many vendors bring their “New” products to these builders to have them implemented in their homes. Each with a goal to show how more efficient their product is than another. Green Builders have great visions that make them want to be the best at what they do. It is more than money. It is a pride to see that they are making the difference as they bring benefits to the new Green Resource homeowners.

The Green Builder will have a special niche or product or style of home. For Example, the Green Builder represented here builds “Green POD” homes only. In the “Green POD” home or commercial building, the Green Builder installs an Independent Green Resource Fuel System (Solar, Wind, Water or the X-Factor new product when available) or offers a better cost savings on energy from 15% to 40% for the homeowner or commercial building owner.

This will stimulate the economy, create jobs, and add to the re-modernization era starting late 2016 – 2020. A lot of this will be depended on the Congress ability to work together in reducing the expenses of the country without taxation. The jobs are waiting on this. A very big risk taken by our elected officials.